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What a great company! They have such high quality products - I was amazed at how sturdy and complete the survival backpack was! The shipping was super fast and the communication is awesome! Whenever I had questions they got right back to me. I really felt taken care of and important to them, not just another number or faceless customer like other companies treat you.

Joi Gayre - Elkton, VA

Emergencygobags is a generous company that provides a great product, a great value, easy ordering, fast delivery… and the best, most personal, and efficient customer service (who has become a friend!)! I feel blessed to have found them!!

Beverly Galando –Trafford, PA

Dear EmergencyGoBags.com,

I wanted to send you a quick note about my recent purchase from your web site.

Last year I lost power for a couple days after Hurricane Irene hit and I wanted to be better prepared for the future. I bought some of your survival backpacks. Your site has a good variety of products that could help anyone get through an emergency situation.

I had some questions about an order so I sent in an e-mail to your web site. Claudia responded back quickly & helped me through the process. She answered all my e-mail questions and was able to help me when I had a problem with the order page. She even sent me a follow up e-mail to tell me the estimated arrival date.

My experience has been great. I received excellent customer service and will recommend your company to friends & family.

I also like the fact that your company supports the PAWZ For Wounded Veterans Program charity. It’s really nice to know I’m buying from a company that contributes to a charity that helps our wounded veterans.

Best Regards,

Mike Arnone - NY

Claudia, your response and handling of my order has been so refreshing! I too believe that integrity is what you do when no one is watching. 

I welcome the opportunity to do business with you and your company and I appreciate that you are dedicated to helping disabled vets. 

Blessings to you!

Marsha Golgart – Lewis Center, OH 

“I originally purchased Wise Food Storage with the purpose of being better prepared in case of emergency.  But because the meals taste so good and are packaged in individual pouches we found ourselves using the meals not only for emergency preparedness but also every day use.”

                                                                -Heidilyn Thrapp, Hyrum UT

“From the very beginning I have been impressed with Wise Foods.  Besides the meals tasting great and the customer service being exceptional, I was most impressed with the meal packaging.  I really like the fact that the meals are individually packaged in mylar pouches and then stored in sealed buckets.  This provides greater accessibility and portability for my emergency food storage.” 

-Kaye Firth, Tremonton UT

“My experience with Wise Company has been an incredible one. As a new salesman for the company, I was approached a couple of months ago by the owner, asking if I’d be willing to take the Wise Challenge. This consisted of living off of a single 84-serving bucket for an entire month with only water to drink. At first I was hesitant to commit, but then I thought that if my job was to help other families be prepared, I needed to know from experience that Wise Company was the right choice.

At the start of this challenge, I noticed the meals were super easy to prepare, and it only took a matter of minutes. Just boil some water, pour in the food, stir, cool and eat. I became a great cook! I will have to say, the meals taste great!

The serving sizes were generous and filling…. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater, but after this challenge, I love my Honey Glazed Granola! The pancakes can also double as muffins, a great afternoon snack! 

The most important thing I learned from accepting this challenge is that, if I and my family were to be involved in an emergency situation, I know we would be okay with our Wise Company Food Storage. The peace of mind knowing we are prepared is worth all of the budgeting, planning and sacrifice it took to make our food storage useable and complete.”

-Joe Rieck, St. George UT

“We went four days straight eating nothing but Wise Food, and our kids loved it; they didn’t get tired of it . . . In fact, while eating the cheesy lasagna, one of my twin five-year-old boys turned to me and said, ‘Dad, this is the best noodles you ever made! . . . My wife and I are kind of picky eaters, and we really liked the meals.  They didn’t have the aftertaste of other freeze-dried food we’ve tried.  We were pretty pumped about that!”

                                                                        -Stefan Mamual, Evanston, WY

“We just moved to Manhattan for two years while my husband goes to graduate school, and one thing I insisted on bringing with us was a three-month supply of Wise Food, which I’m stashing in different spots around the apartment.  With a three-year-old and one on the way, it’s comforting to know it’s there in case of emergency.”

-Heidi Foss, New York, NY

“Our past food storage experience has been a process of storing and wasting.  No matter how hard we tried to rotate and use our storage, we always ended up with cans of expired food.  With Wise Food Storage, we are done . . . and we don’t have to worry for the next 25 years”.

                                                                        -Chris Shill, Layton UT





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