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What We Are:

At EmergencyGoBags.com we are dedicated to our customers and are prepared to provide you with responsive service to any inquiry or order that you send in. We have developed a top of the line selection of products and hope to continue to bring you more quality products in the future. 

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, so please contact us with any requests or other concerns and we promise to respond promptly. We encourage you to send in customer feedback about your experience with our products and any requests that you have in product preference so that we can continue to carry the products that you are seeking.

Who We Are:

EmergencyGoBags.com was founded when the owner, needing a career that allowed her to stay at home so she could care for a sick and disabled relative, got down on her knees and prayed for direction. Listening to God’s guidance, she set out to combine her passion for helping people with her business expertise leading to the launch of EmergencyGoBags.com.

Giving Back: 

The decision to give back was easy… as there has never been any venture or even life event where we didn’t give back. Deciding WHICH charity to give to was more difficult. Being in a family of military heroes and having done fundraisers to help active service members in the past, made deciding to do something to help easy. Learning that on average 18 veterans a day commit suicide was shocking! Many do so because they are unable to deal with life after war due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  When we found the Canine Support Teams PAWZ FOR WOUNDED VETERANS PROGRAM we knew it was perfect… whether a veteran is physically disabled or suffering from PTSD this non-profit specially trained service dogs to the vets. The dogs and training are very expensive… that’s where we help out… by giving a portion of all of our profits to this amazing organization, we know that our giving is truly making a difference in our Wounded Warrior’s lives!


This site and business is dedicated to my father, Jack, who emigrated to the US from Poland in the 1920’s, when he was just 14. Jack, who came here without his parents, arrived on a Friday and was forced to go to school the following Monday not knowing a word of English. He immediately mastered the English language and excelled in his studies while working part-time to afford passage for the rest of his family. He served in the Army and was a decorated World War II Hero. He went on to receive numerous degrees from MIT and Cooper Union. My father was a gentle man who loved this country with all of his heart. He instilled in me deep and old-fashioned morals, values, a strong work ethic and that a person is nothing if they do not have integrity. He shared with me his Love for this country, the United States and America and how anything worth saving was worth fighting for. Thank you, Dad, for all you gave me. I know you would be proud of what I’m doing and what I’ve accomplished just as I was so deeply proud of you.

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