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Ready.GovReady.GovPrepare, Plan, Stay informed! Government information on Emergency Preparedness.
FEMAFEMAGovernment information on Disaster Preparedness and What to do After a Disaster.
Legal Protection For You & Your Family Legal Protection For You & Your Family Equally important to making sure your family is protected during an emergency is being LEGALLY PROTECTED from many of life's events... from lawsuits to speeding tickets, credit card fraud, credit report mistakes to foreclosure or buying a home. LEGAL SHIELD (formerly Pre-Paid Legal) has been protecting over a million families in the United States for over 30 years for less than a dollar a day! Make sure YOUR RIGHTS are protected, make sure you and your family are protected. The owner of EmergencyGoBags.com has been a Director with Pre-Paid Legal (now LEGAL SHIELD) for over 11 years and she is proud to have the opportunity to give the peace of mind that only a Legal Shield membership can give you. We encourage you to go through the site and learn more how having the ability of having a top law firm watching over you, taking your phone calls, writing letters for you, going over your documents and contracts, representing you in court or in front of the IRS and so much more. "I would NEVER be without my membership, it's paid for itself a thousand times over. It's the best investment I've ever made." Claudia Wolfkind - Owner - EmergencyGoBags.com If you have any questions about obtaining a membership, you can reach Claudia at: support@EmergencyGoBags.com or through her Legal Shield email address on the link listed.
Shoot NJShoot NJNew Jersey's Best and Most Experienced Firearms Training Team! Call Chet today and ask about joining their next training!
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