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Be Prepared With Office and School Emergency Kits!

No office or school is prepared for an emergency unless they have an Office Emergency Kit or School Emergency Kit like the ones available on our site. Office Emergency Kits assure your employees that should a crisis or disaster occur, you thought of their safety ahead of time and that they will have all the necessary supplies to deal with whatever comes their way. Your employees will thank you for caring about them enough to have this important kit! 

At we can custom design our Office Emergency Kits to your needs. From 5 employees to 1,000 employees or more, we are here to help!

Our School Emergency Kits cover all the bases... it's not just about a disaster anymore... in today's world "school lock downs" are occuring at an inceasingly alarming rate. Our School Emergency Kits take care of the kids safety and physical needs as well as their minds with items that help them stay calm during a crisis.

* Our Classroom Emergency Kits are also great for Homeschoolers and DayCare Centers!

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