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The Defender Survival Kit

The Defender Survival Kit

The Defender Survival Kit
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"The Defender" Survival Kit


The Defender Survival Kit has been put together EXCLUSIVELY for YOU to defend yourself against the elements and craziness of the world. It's not if it's WHEN... WHEN will there be an Earthquake, Flood, Tornado, Tsunami, Hurricane, Mud Slide, Blizzard, Black Out or economic upheaval that will effect your life??? What if you're car dies and you're stuck on the side of the road or get lost in the woods while hiking? 

The Defender has YOU Covered! 

This kit has all of the food and supplies you will need to keep you safe for 3 full days. There are 12 servings of REAL food, which will give one person 4 servings a day, or 2 people 2 servings per day. It is all packaged in our large Hikers Backpack.

This kit contains the following:

Food and Water:

6 Water Pouches
12 Servings of cook in pouch meals:

-Cheesy Lasagna – 2 10oz servings
-Chili Macaroni – 2 10oz servings
-Pasta Alfredo - 2 10oz servings
-Creamy Pasta and Veg – 2 10oz servings
-Teriyaki and Rice – 2 10oz servings
-Savory Stroganoff – 2 10oz servings

Seychelle 24 oz. Water Filtration Bottle

This bottle can filter 99.99% of contaminents from up to 100 gallons of water!

Light and Communications:
Dynamo 4-in-1 Radio Flashlight
Waterproof Matches

Shelter and Warmth:
1 Mylar Emergency Sleeping Bag
1 Mylar Emergency Blanket

Portable Cooking Stove (includes 12 Fuel Tablets)
Steel Fork, Knife, & Spoon Chow Kit
16 oz Steel Cup
Pair of Leather Palm Work Gloves
2 Infectious Waste Bags

Hygiene and Sanitation:
3 Packs of Pocket Tissues
Hygeine Kit

First Aid:
65 Piece Pocket First Aid Kit

Deck of Standard Playing Cards
Note Pad
Golf Pencil

Emergency Survival Kit Information:
This Long Term Food Storage Essentials Survival Kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. This survival kit has a retail value of $225!!!

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*** When you purchase your Emergency Supplies from you are helping our Wounded Warriors get the help they need! A portion of every order goes to help acquire and specially train a Service Dog that will help a Veteran who has been disabled either physically or mentally (P.T.S.D.). We thank you for your patronage.***

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