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Emergency Lights & Emergency Radios!

Keeping You Safe And "In Contact" When You Need It Most!

When the lights go out due to a storm or hurricaine, when you can't get a signal on your television or cell... you will be thankful that you have your Emergency Lights and your Emergency Radio! Let's face it, candles and matches don't cut it, in fact, often they can be dangerous... falling over or worse... a gas leak following an Earthquake! You need to make sure you and your family are safe... and the best way to ensure that is to stock up on our Emergency Lights, Emergency Solar Flashlights, an Emergency Radio and more. We even sell Solar equipment that you can hook up your appliances, cellphones, Ipods and more to and have them charged right up!

We provide the way to keep you "in the light" and "in contact" when it's dark out there! 

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