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Survival Kits For All Emergencies!

*Earthquakes  *Hurricanes  *Tornadoes  *Flooding  *Fire Storms  *Snow Storms  *Black Outs  *Mudslides  *Tsunamis  *Landslides  *Food Shortages  *Terror Attacks   *Riots  

If there's an emergency are you and your family ready for the hardships to come? Do you have a plan and Survival Kits? OR are you depending on the Government to take care of you?

You could be waiting days before help arrives! 

What if the services you count on: phone, gas, electric and water are cut off for days or even weeks? What if you need to evacuate your home or the entire area? Isn't it just SMART to be prepared?

EmergencyGoBags.com is here to help! We offer the highest quality Survival Kits, Long Term Food Storage, First Aid, Emergency Supplies and more. 

GIVING BACK!!! When You Shop At EmergencyGoBags.com you are helping our Wounded Warriors! 

We donate 5% of every sale to the Canine Support Teams: PAWZ FOR WOUNDED VETERANS program, which provides disabled Veterans a specially trained Service Dog! *  

Bringing You The Best In Quality Emergency Preparedness Products:  

**  SCHOOLS, GOV'T AGENCIES, BUSINESSES, NON-PROFITS contact us for volume discounts.             

We supply quality Emergency Preparedness Products to individuals, families, businesses, schools, government agencies, non-profits and CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams). We take your safety seriously. It's why we follow FEMA and Dept of Homeland Security established guidelines. Both of these departments recommend that everyone have AT LEAST a 3 (preferably 5-7) day supply of food and water as well as other Emergency Supplies to protect you and your family. Our Survival Kits exceed the guidelines, making you prepared for any emergency. *It's why we are the Gov't's first choice to supply their agencies!

Whether you need a single GoBag for yourself; need packs for all your family members; have a business with just one or you have thousands of employees, EmergencyGoBags.com is here to help you get prepared!

At EmergencyGoBags.com we care about you, we want you and your loved ones to stay safe and the best way for that to happen is to be prepared!

Need help deciding which Survival Kit is right for your needs? Or not sure how to figure out how much Food Storage to have on hand? 

Email us at Support@EmergencyGoBags.com 

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