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Guardian Essentials Family Black Out Kit

Guardian Essentials Family Black Out Kit

Guardian Essentials Family Black Out Kit
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If you're like most people, when a Black Out occurs you go running for candles, flashlights, batteries, matches, etc...  and you're often out of them or you can't FIND them when you need them! 

Black Outs can occur for a variety of reasons... Snow Storms, Rain Storms, High Winds, Fires, Flooding, even accidents and human error! The smartest thing you can do is to have a Black Out Kit in a central area that you determine as your "Emergency Preparedness Area". This is where you keep all of your Emergency Supplies to protect you from the "Mayhem" that comes our way.

This compact survival kit is designed to keep a FAMILY of 4 individuals safe during a Black Out. It is packed neatly in our sturdy Hiking Backpak. 

The kit includes the following:

Light and Communications: In the event of a power outage caused by disaster you’ll have independent access to your own means of lighting and communication with the outside world.

1 - Emergency Lantern with Radio
2 - Rechargeable Squeeze Flashlight - 3 LED flashlight
1 - Box of Waterproof Matches
2 - Emergency Candles
2 - Emergency Bright Sticks

Shelter and Warmth: These supplies will provide protection from outside weather forces. They will protect you from wind, sun, rain, and many other conditions you may encounter.

4 - 16 Hour Body Warmer
4 - Emergency Survival Sleeping Bags

First Aid: These first aid items can assist with minor injuries and protect against serious health concerns in disaster circumstances.

1 - Deluxe First Aid Kit

  • (30) Adhesive bandages (1 ¾” x 3/8”)
  • (35) Adhesive bandages (3” x ¾”)
  • (15) Alcohol pads
  • (10) Cotton tip applicators
  • (1) Elastic bandage (2”)
  • (4) Finger splints
  • (1) First aid guide
  • (2) Gauze pads (2” x 2”)
  • (2) Gauze pads (3” x 3”)
  • (2) Gauze pads (4” x 4”)
  • (1) Instant cold pack
  • (1) Reusable Case
  • (1) Roll of gauze (2”)
  • (1) Roll of tape
  • (1) Tweezers

Other: These items are useful for stress relief and activity in strenuous or challenging circumstances.

1 - Deck of Playing Cards

Emergency Survival Kit Information:
This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations. This Survival Kit has a retail value of $119.99

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*** When you purchase your Emergency Supplies from you are helping our Wounded Warriors get the help they need! A portion of every order goes to help acquire and specially train a Service Dog that will help a Veteran who has been disabled either physically or mentally (P.T.S.D.). We thank you for your patronage.***

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